The Top 3 Promotional Phone Accessories

Approximately 77% of Americans own a smartphone and the average person checks it more than 100 times a day. We are obsessed with our cell phones and they are always kept within arm’s reach. So naturally, there are numerous cell phone accessories and promotional products that are sure to increase your company’s brand awareness. We’ve rounded up our top four most trendy phone accessory promotional products that any organization or business can use.
PopSockets and Mounts
A PopSocket can stick to the back of any cell phone or tablet. They can be utilized as a media stand, a grip when taking photos or talking on the phone, and even as an earbud wrap. The PopSocket mount enables you to mount your phone to your car dashboard, mirror, refrigerator and even your locker to allow you to have a hands-free experience. These trendy tech accessories will not only capture the attention of the user, but also those in their vicinity.

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds deliver the same quality sound and built-in microphone as traditional earbuds, but without the clutter and mess of a cord. The freedom of wireless earbuds are perfect for travel or the gym. There are many different style of wireless earbuds that will fit any size budget. Let your brand be music to someone’s ears with wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

Portable Solar Charger

Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and eco-friendly organizations, solar chargers are lightweight, portable and customizable for your brand. This high-end tech item is a great spin on portable chargers for companies looking to differentiate themselves from the competition. Portable solar charging devices are useful for everyone in our mobile-dependent society, and they allow your tech-savvy audience to stay charged while on the go. They are likely to be used long term, giving your brand repeat exposure at times when people are most appreciative for the boosted charge.