Four ways to give Promotional Products

It is estimated that approximately $20 billion worth of promotional items are given away each year by businesses. Businesses of all sizes rely on the time-tested and effective method of using promotional items to get the word out about their products and services.
Not sure where to start? Here are four ideas for boosting your business with promotional products:
1.Consider customizing your promotional products for specific clients. For example, if you are working toward building a long-term relationship, consider printing the promotional items with their name and logo, as well as yours, to form a closer bond.
2.When selecting promotional giveaways for events like trade shows, remember to think with shelf life in mind. While pens are reusable and come in handy, items like thumb drives, laptop bags and mugs tend to be useful for a longer period of time.
3.Reward customers for doing business with you. Send unexpected promotional gifts to say “thank you.” These little gifts go a long way in strengthening relationship ties with new and prospective customers.
4.Send extra gifts to clients to encourage sharing among colleagues and contacts. Fun, unique promotional products are likely to be passed on to friends. If you already include promotional gifts in a direct mail initiative, consider sending multiple items and encouraging recipients to share the love.

There are numerous ways to get great mileage out of your promotional gifts. Remember that selecting gifts with the client in mind is the most important step in finding the right mix of products.
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