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Step #1 - Discover Possibilities

Who are Your Clients and What is the Event & Your Budget

The possibilities are endless. That being said, We will describe the options that are possible. Fully Promo has everything you need to help you make your mark, establish your brand, and create recognition. Your company’s brand can be its greatest asset, and there’s no better way to increase its value than boosting awareness. Fully Promo specializes in helping businesses manage and market their brands through custom embroidery, screen printing, garment printing and a wide variety of promotional products. Our Print media and Trade show displays is a vehicle to move your marketing forward. One of the best ways to brand your business is through uniformed clothing that is either embroidered or screen printed with your logo. This insures that your message is portrayed professionally while reinforcing brand awareness… a critical aspect of any company’s advertising and marketing efforts. You understand the value of advertising and marketing. Let us show you how make the most of every opportunity to boost recognition of your brand and re-enforce its image. Fully Promo offers not only expertise, quality and affordability, but with more than 800,000 items to choose from, Fully Promo has marketing solutions for every business. Looking for a sure way to increase your sales? There’s not a more cost-effective way to do it than through promotional products. Advertising Specialties not only increase sales and leads; they create goodwill, build brand awareness, and have a strong return on investment. Let us help you choose from the thousands of available promotional products, so we can make a difference for you. Four Things You May Want To Know? 1. 53% percent of the people who have promotional products and apparel use them every week. Not only are you at the top of their minds, but you’re building your reputation as someone who improves your customers’ lives. 2. 63% of consumers give their promotional products/apparel to other people when they’re finished with them. Promotional items are the gift that keeps on giving! 3. 60% of them keep their promotional products up to two years. On average, they keep them for six and a half months. That’s a long lasting branding investment. 4.

People are over 35% more likely to do business with a company after receiving a promotional product. Increase the conversion rates of consumers who are already interested in you. Now that you have the promotional products and apparel facts, start maximizing your marketing efforts.