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About Us

Fully Promo is uniquely qualified to meet your needs:

We know  your local message and your next door neighbor. While being backed by global support. 

Ross Rosenthal – Sales and Company President
Jessica Rosenthal –  Director of Operations/Sales
Sarah – Art Design/Production  Specialist

In 2008 we began helping businesses like yours. Your local Marketing service is independently owned and operated by Ross Rosenthal. As part of the world’s largest garment decoration; Minneapolis embroidery, promotional products and print media. Our team can guarantee you the craftsmanship and service

Jessica and Ross have four children; three in high school and one middle school.  We are very involved in the community and participate in Boy Scouts of America, Hockey association, Hossana Church, High School SAD program Speech Club, and more. Fully Promo is in affiliation with the National Advertising Specialties Institute, Promotional Products Industry, and Chamber of Commerce’s.

Today, Fully Promo has become the brand of quality that people enjoy and the face to face service you would expect. No one else can help you build your business, like the experts at your local Fully Promo. We get a lot of satisfaction out of helping businesses all over the globe, as the world’s largest retail embroidery, screen printing, promotional products and print.  We have solutions that will specifically meet your needs.  Until the first EmbroidMe opened, now Fully Promo; you couldn’t find one store that could meet all of your custom embroidery, screen printing and promotional products needs, but now we are the world leader, making it possible for thousands of organizations and businesses to easily and effectively get the customized apparel and promotional products they need. Although Embroidery has been around for hundreds of years, it’s a new concept that’s unique to our stores that combines embroidery with imprinted apparel and promotional products options that all work together to help share your message and your company’s logo.